And So It Begins

Welcome to the adventure... “If you can just see yourself differently in the world around you, then the world around you will change, and possibly the world itself. The world is yours for the taking, and all that exists, exists inside you.” — Tom Delonge Welcome to the adventure,Here, you will find a series of... Continue Reading →

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Ahead of a Shadow: 17

By Michael Brightside Ellie couldn’t believe what she had seen. The flower has mended itself as the smoke disappeared into the air, leaving it brand new and almost rather bright. Blinking a few times, she shook her head and looked at the flower once more expecting it to be back on the ground. “What in... Continue Reading →

Ahead of a Shadow: 16

By Michael Brightside To Wyatt’s surprise, there was more to the gardens than he would have thought. The place seemed to go on for miles as he and Ellie slowly made their way from exhibit to exhibit. He couldn’t deny how captivating it was to see the different parts of the world and the different... Continue Reading →

Ahead of a Shadow: 15

By Michael Brightside It took a while but Ellie was able to calm Wyatt back down to his normal self. However, once she was able to do this, Wyatt didn’t want to tell her anything that happened while he was out. It was too dangerous for her to know the whole truth and there wasn’t... Continue Reading →

Ahead of a Shadow: 14

By Michael Brightside Wyatt stood next to Leona the entire time the representative was being interrogated. In the beginning, he felt bad for the man, however, with every punch and every scream, he slowly became numb to the scene before him. There was nothing he could do besides watch and pretend it was just a... Continue Reading →

Ahead of a Shadow: 13

By Michael Brightside Time seemed to slow as Wyatt watched the motivation change on the representatives face. It was clear that to make a show of power, he was going to shoot Hugo on the spot and Wyatt couldn’t allow it. His last encounter with Hugo was a bit rough, but if there was one... Continue Reading →

Ahead of a Shadow: 12

By Michael Brightside Much to Wyatts surprise, he stepped into the rain to see several black cars waiting for him outside. In totality, he was expecting himself to pass out suddenly and wake up wherever he was requested. The four black SUV’s made him nervous, but he pushed his hesitation aside and walked to the... Continue Reading →

Ahead of a Shadow: 11

By Michael Brightside Much to Wyatt’s surprise the men were taking him back home as he began to recognize familiar areas on the drive. Although he had been in California for several years now, there were still many places he hadn’t been to. This made the entire drive confusing for him as he tried to... Continue Reading →

Ahead of a Shadow: 10

By Michael Brightside By the time Wyatt had finished the irregular, and rather suspicious signing of his work, he took to the corridors to try and learn his way around. The place was massively confusing, with its long tunnels spanning longer than he could have imagined. As he wandered, he saw several people along the... Continue Reading →

Ahead of a Shadow: 9

By Michael Brightside Wyatt followed Leora down another long dark tunnel that looked exactly like the others he had been navigating though. From the second they left the grand room with the letters on the floor, Leora didn’t say a single word. Wyatt kept his silence as well, doing the best he could to memories... Continue Reading →

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