And So It Begins

Welcome to the adventure... “If you can just see yourself differently in the world around you, then the world around you will change, and possibly the world itself. The world is yours for the taking, and all that exists, exists inside you.” — Tom Delonge Welcome to the adventure,Here, you will find a series of... Continue Reading →

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Ahead of a Shadow: 10

By Michael Brightside By the time Wyatt had finished the irregular, and rather suspicious signing of his work, he took to the corridors to try and learn his way around. The place was massively confusing, with its long tunnels spanning longer than he could have imagined. As he wandered, he saw several people along the... Continue Reading →

Ahead of a Shadow: 9

By Michael Brightside Wyatt followed Leora down another long dark tunnel that looked exactly like the others he had been navigating though. From the second they left the grand room with the letters on the floor, Leora didn’t say a single word. Wyatt kept his silence as well, doing the best he could to memories... Continue Reading →

Thank You!

From the Brightsides Dear Bright-Readers, We’ve made it to ten followers on the Bright Reads page! From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Bright Reads has been in mental development for quite some time. I’m so glad to see you’re with me for the journey. I hope this content I create entertains you for... Continue Reading →

Ahead of a Shadow: 8

By Michael Brightside “Miss McCull, may I ask what you’re doing?” A young man asked as he entered the room behind her. He stood similar in height, wearing black pants with a dark blue shirt, complimented by a brown tie. His shadow cast beneath her feet as he stood, barley illuminated but the lights above.... Continue Reading →

Ahead of a Shadow: 7

By Michael Brightside Wyatt shook his head at what he had been hearing. The name sounded like something out of a comic book, but he could tell that the man was serious in what he was saying. The Divine Animus was clearly a real organization. How big they were, and what else they were up... Continue Reading →

Ahead of a Shadow: 6

By Michael Brightside Before Wyatt could reply, there was a thump outside the window making Ellie shoot up off the floor. Giving a glance to each other, they both turned turned their attention to the sounds that continued as if someone had stumbled on the furniture outside. Running to the back door, Wyatt flew outside... Continue Reading →

Side Notes From Serah: 2

By Serah Brightside Do you ever just sit down late in the evening and daydream? I do, often. In these dreams, I have a spotless house, perfect children, and a husband that treats me like a queen. Then, I snap back into reality. Toys are covering the floor, our children are running around the house,... Continue Reading →

Ahead of a Shadow: 5

By Michael Brightside Standing over Wyatt’s body, Ellie shook her hand painfully. She didn’t want to punch him in the face, but everything else she tried had failed. Everything from shouting his name, to pinching him, to throwing a glass of water on his face didn’t seem to phase him. The only option she had... Continue Reading →

Ahead of a Shadow: 4

By Michael Brightside “Hey, are you okay?” Ellie asked as she watched Wyatt slowly open his eyes. It was nearly seven in the morning and she knew Wyatt didn’t have a good nights sleep by any means. “You had me up all night long. I was so worried something was… really wrong with you.” “What... Continue Reading →

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